Get To Know Us

Our dreams and desires are to provide our clientele with high quality cabinetry and wood furniture built to fit their needs for function, & designed to reflect the unique personality of the home and the people who live there. We strive to REALLY Listen,Hear the vision, the Hopes and Desires of Each Person or persons, to make the design reflect all of those elements.

We are also looking to improve the reputation & public perception of contractors through professionalism, craftsmanship & personal integrity, while dispelling the notion that ‘Custom’ means expensive when all it really means is ‘You Get What You Want’.

Our vision is to build Chico Custom Cabinetry into the most highly regarded shop because of our commitment to quality, professionalism and customer service. We desire to create a company that attracts & retains the best designers, crafts-persons, artisans and office/tech support staff through utilizing and appreciating their creative talents and contributions. It is a privilege to be able to do this work as it is personal and relational and we recognize the value of our customer satisfaction as it becomes our reputation. At the end we can only hope to have extended our family and friends. We truly mean……“If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It.”

John Petterson

John’s first woodworking projects were done in class at Chico Junior High. He loved it then but was unable to pursue it until later in his life. He first started building cabinets as a career with Fleetwood. He found that his interest, joy and love of working with his hands and wood were something he not only loved but excelled at. He continued educating himself working for Fleetwood, Westgate, a friends shop in Orland and finally Sawyer’s for many years.  When Sawyer’s was forced to close their doors John had to take a day job but also started sharing a shop with an older local cabinet builder and began building custom cabinets and furniture in the evenings… the birth of Petterson Woodworks. In October of 2014 John was ready to leave his day job and concentrate solely on his own business. He partnered up with Dave Bingham and Dianna Smith and Chico Custom Cabinets, Inc. was born.

Dave Bingham

Dave grew up in New Jersey attending a well known construction school, VoTech, gaining experience in every aspect of building a home from the ground up. VoTech is a hands on learning institution and Dave worked his way from foundation to framing, plumbing, electrical, flooring, and anything else you can think of that is connected to building a home. After relocating to California he continued working in the construction industry. Dave met John in church almost 30 years ago and the two have worked side by side for most years since then. He started installing cabinets with John when Petterson Woodworks was started and continues to work by John’s side as a full partner in our shop, Chico Custom Cabinetry.

Dianna Petterson

Throughout her life Dianna worked in many different industries gaining all the knowledge she needed to run a business from accounting to marketing, networking, technology, customer relationship management, and design skills. Dianna pursued her dreams of being an artist with her own art glass company, Diabra Glass, in the early 80’s. The 90’s brought her back into construction through refacing kitchens and then on to building in a shipping department in Concord. Her glass and wood creations compliment many homes & businesses in North Carolina, the Bay Area and locally. During these years she also got involved with several network marketing businesses which complimented her knowledge of business. Dianna met John in 1977 working at a convalescent home. They lived together for a short while until she left California for other horizons. Since returning to her hometown she has once again reconnected with John and eventually met Dave. After seeing the quality of work coming out of their shop she set in motion with John and Dave a business that could sustain all of them through the years. Becoming part of this partnership and marrying her teenage boyfriend has been a blessing and is treated as such daily.

A Summary of Us All

It’s difficult at best to put someone’s life into a few sentences. We have put this business together with an abundance of talent, creativity and the love of the art. We want to help people’s dreams and visions come true with their homes. We would also like to re-educate the public that custom doesn’t necessarily mean expensive; it means having someone to work with you personally to assist you in realizing your dreams and truly getting what you want. We believe that to our core and the businesses core, Hence Our Motto…

“If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It!”